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Full Service Supplement Formulation,
Manufacturing and Packaging Services


We take pride in our new product formulation services, working with you to create the right nutritional formulations for your need and desired flavor profiles. OC Nutra Labs provides a valuable solution for all your dietary supplement manufacturing needs. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures that your product will be produced using the highest quality ingredients, equipment, and raw materials available.


At OC Nutra Labs, we don’t just manufacture supplements, we engineer your vision into reality. Partner with our team of experts to meticulously craft the perfect formula, tailored to your specific needs and desired results. We work collaboratively with you to develop scientifically sound blends that appeal to your target audience. Our state-of-the-art facility adheres to the strictest quality standards, ensuring every ingredient meets the highest expectations.


OC Nutra leverages over two decades in manufacturing logistics experience to help develop your with your brand. We’ll help you navigate label requirements, FDA regulations and even last step order fulfillment.

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Deliver Your Brand with a Full
Inventory List of Items

From powders, to liquids, capsules, tablets and stick packs, at OC Nutra, we bring your dietary supplement products to life! Partner with us from beginning to end. We will create packaging and labeling for your unique brand. Why choose us? We offer the lowest minimum available from one pallet to truckloads, competitive pricing, guaranteed satisfaction and quick production turnaround.

Powders Packaging
2 grams to 5 lbs

OC Nutra offers 2 gram powder pouches ideal for single servings to 5 lb containers for those seeking larger quantities.

Capsules Packaging
30 qty to 120 qty

OC Nutra accommodates a spectrum of capsule packaging quantities to suit various market demands.

Tablets Packaging
30 qty to 120 qty

From smaller bottles containing 30 or 60 tablets to larger options with 120 tablets, we provide volume flexibility to meet your specific preferences.

Liquids Filling
2 oz to 32 oz

OC Nutra handles diverse liquid packaging requirements. From small, everyday use bottles to larger options.

Stick Packs
3 grams to 15 grams

From single serving doses to larger quantities up to 15 grams, our stick package sizes allow customization to meet diverse demands.

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