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We can help bring the best version of your product to the market. Our all in one experience makes building your brand fast and efficiently.
Start building your own custom blend formula today, and have it be FDA ready in less time then you think.

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If you are looking to enter the supplement industry, our brand consultants can help. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry and will walk you through every step of your Private Label Supplements endeavor. From formulation to packaging and labeling, we have you covered like no other. We have developed relationships with labs located all over the world that can produce a quality product at an affordable price. If you are looking at going into this business, Custom Formulation Supplement Manufacturer Private Label OC Nutra is your best option!

Company Vision Statement

Our team is skilled in everything from single ingredient products to complex formulas that provide a mix of natural nutrients not  found anywhere else. You can rely on us for all your nutrition needs. We can start with one of our base formulas and develop it to your specific needs and goals. 

Who We Are

OC NUTRA is your go-to resource for all things Vitamin, Supplement and Supplement Packaging related. We are committed to providing the purest and highest quality supplements available on the market, manufactured in our FDA Registered facility.
Contract packaging in California



The heart of our packaging lineup is the leading encapsulation in the industry. Customize with your own branding and use a mixture of science and innovation to deliver superior product protection and extend shelf life so that your customer keeps coming back for more.


We provide pre-mixed, ready-to-drink protein, post-workout recovery drinks, and meal replacement shakes. In addition to the prepackaged product lines, we also offer custom mixing of your favorite flavors


OC Nutra has a comprehensive supply of package deals designed to get you into the game quickly and efficiently. There is never a need to worry about where to find supplies because you will have them already in your hands at a discounted price!


We offer the availability to sample your formula as you fine tune your blend.


OC Nutra is pleased to offer the lowest minimums with flexible options on custom supplement formulations. Our technical staff can create cost-effective products including: capsules, powders and other packaging options.


OC Nutra manufactures high-quality, innovative and results driven supplements right here in the United States of America. In a state of the art facility iunder current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards.


OC NUTRA is a precision-focused company committed to deliver high quality Nutraceuticals to the masses at competitive prices. We operate with stringent procedures and efficient processes to ensure that you get exactly what you want with industry leading lead times.


OC Nutra supply flexible, cost-effective and reliable logistics and shipping services for all of your supplements needs. Whether you’re a large organization or just starting out, OC Nutra can develop the shipping system that will serve your needs.


Our private labeling service includes a full roster of services to help you bring your new product ideas to life. We can provide Private Label Packaging, Private Label Printing, and Private Label Distribution. Each step is taken to ensure a consistent and uniform brand identity for your products - which is the backbone of any smart marketing strategy.

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Looking for additional packaging solutions for your brand? We offer many other packaging solutions outside of standard plastic bottles and jars!