Whether you already have a formulation or if you are looking to create a custom formulation, OC Nutra's talented team, will work with you to assist in creating the best possible product for your brand.

OC Nutra, We're Here to Help, from Start to Finish.

OC Nutra holds the Highest Degree of Academic Qualifications Combined with Decades of Formulation Experience and Chemistry Knowledge in the Natural Health and Wellness industry.
OC Nutra is the new age Sports Nutrition Brand and manufacturer in the business, providing premium Sports Nutrition supplements and All-Natural healthy ingredients.
We take pride in our new product formulation services, working with you to create the right nutritional formulations for your need and desired flavor profiles.
OC Nutra Labs provides a valuable solution for all your dietary supplement manufacturing needs. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures that your product will be produced using the highest quality ingredients, equipment, and raw materials available.

Developing Your Formula

Our team is skilled in everything from single ingredient products to complex formulas that provide a mix of natural nutrients not  found anywhere else.
You can rely on us for all your brand needs.
We can start with one of our base formulas and develop it to your specific needs and goals. Your product is formulated from the ingredients you choose and our expert researchers put it through a battery of tests. We will manage the process, from raw material to finished product and delivery in a cost effective manner. When you need it, Where you need it.


If you’re just starting out, we can cater to your low minimum order requirements while providing you with the highest quality products.

Have a Special Request?

Looking for additional packaging solutions for your brand? We offer many other packaging solutions outside of standard plastic bottles and jars!