Supplement Packaging Company in California

OC Nutra is a supplement packaging company in Orange County, CA that offers custom label solutions for powder & liquid containers, as well as pouches.

Contract packaging in California

Brand Packaging

Choosing the right packaging can be a difficult task. Unique business and industry standards, regulations, and trends make this one of the most important steps in creating your brand. We offer full label custom printed solutions. We have a large selection of high quality products to choose from, with an excellent turn around time

Industry Standard:

Provide your brand with a high degree of authenticity, verification, and traceability with our unique date coded packaging and labeling.

20 oz Tub

Label Size: 3 1/8 × 11
Lid Size: 89/400
150 grams - 250grams

32 oz Tub Powder

Label Size: 5 × 11
Lid Size: 89/400
200 grams - 450grams

Gallon Powder

Label Size: 5 × 15
Lid Size: 120mm
1 lbs - 2 lbs

32 oz Liquid

Label Size: 5 × 10
Lid Size: 38/400

Silver Pouch

Label Size: 5 × 15
Lid Size: 120mm
100 grams - 2 killos

Single Serving

Label Size: .5 × 3
1 grams - 2 grams

Have a Special Request?

Looking for additional packaging solutions for your brand? We offer many other packaging solutions outside of standard plastic bottles and jars!